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Audio Creative Specifications (Legacy)

⚠ Important ⚠

You are in the Legacy Knowledge Portal collection. With the launch of Solimar, this content is no longer being maintained. For current documentation, please visit the Solimar Knowledge Portal collection.

Audio creatives are stored by The Trade Desk in a VAST tag or DAAST tag. When uploaded to the Creatives Library, supported audio file formats are automatically converted to VAST/DAAST.

Some audio publishers allow a companion banner (which may be free of charge or for an additional fee) that will serve alongside the audio ad upon playing. These should be hosted on The Trade Desk for best compatibility.

Recommended Specifications

Scale across multiple inventory sources using these creative specifications.

  • File types:

    • .MP3

    • .M4A

    • .WAV

  • Bitrate: 

    • 160 kbps

    • Hosted .MP3 files should have a constant bitrate.

  • Spot length: 

    • 15 seconds or 30 seconds

  • Companion banner file types:

    • .JPEG

    • .JPG

    • .PNG

Publisher Specifications

PublisherCreativeCompanion Banners
Anghami20 seconds (and under)
Bauer30 seconds and 60 seconds

.MP3 files (maximum size: 100 KB for mobile, 150 KB for desktop)
Deezer30 seconds

VAST files
Fox News15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 seconds
Podcast One15 seconds, 30 seconds, and 60 secondsNone
Quebecor15 seconds and 30 seconds

.MP3, .WAV, .WMA, or .OGG files

Bitrate: At least 128 kbps, 44100 Hz sample rate

Trimmed of slate/silence

1x1 tracking pixel only
Rogers15 seconds and 30 seconds
Stitcher15 seconds and 30 seconds

.MP3 files (1 MB maximum)
WideOrbit15 to 60 seconds for audio, 15 second and 30 seconds for video

.AAC, .MP3, .OGG, and .MPEG files

Bitrate: 32 kbps to 320 kbps (128 kbps recommended)
300x250 for web,
320x 50 for mobile

Tracking Pixels

When you upload your hosted audio creative, you will have the option to add third-party tracking pixels to track various events that occur when an impression is served. To decrease the likelihood of errors, you should not place more than eight pixels on a single creative.

The following event types are available:

  • Start

  • Midpoint

  • First Quartile

  • Third Quartile

  • Complete

  • Impression

  • Click

Learn more about audio.

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